Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Work to do. . .

My deadline for finishing two CTP 3 courses is tomorrow: Crisis Response and Theatre for Ritual 1. As you can tell from the links, right now I'm nearly done with one and haven't started the other, so I may be working on those tomorrow morning. Just need one resource to finish CR, and I don't think that Theatre for Ritual will be too bad. . . but it'll involve recordings and putting stuff on YouTube.

On top of that, I need to watch a football game :)

In other news, seamus_mcnasty created this. . . Seamus' work is ever inspiring to me:

I just added the above to the Grove's "About" page. . .
Gotta think of a good way to link it from the main page this weekend. . .
Tags: adf, ctp, friends, school, three cranes grove, videos

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