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A wonderful article

It's true that I was raised in a conservative environment, and that I am generally a conservative person, politically. This bugs some people, but because I consistently vote my conscience (generally derided by both my more conservative and more liberal friends as "playing for the other team," whatever that means), most people understand that I take my time to understand issues, don't vote along party lines in general (unless I feel a strong need to), and see things from a couple of different angles.

And today, thanks to peaceful_fox, I have been privileged to see that maybe I'm not part of such a dying breed of conservatives as I once thought: there are those who have strong values but think for themselves. It turns out that there is at least one who thinks very similarly to the way I do:

The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage: Why same-sex marriage is an American value

Sure the title is a bit sensationalist, but it's one of the best arguments I've ever read for the support of same-sex marriage, and it hits the conservative nail on the head.

I had known about Olson's involvement in the case for a while, but I hadn't seen anything he'd penned himself about why he was supporting it. To read his words and he spoke about the cause he's defending in court very nearly brought a tear to my eye. . . and I have a horrible time producing tears.

It was truly refreshing to read through this article: well-reasoned, passionate, and definitely persuasive to all but the most obstinate of people. Reading it, I feel a real faith in the process once again, as I did when I woke up to legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa of all places.

There's some hope on the horizon, I sometimes feel, for the conservatives left out in the cold by the last administration. . . I often hope that the horizon isn't too far off.
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