Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A course of study for ADF Initiates is now in planning

I've mentioned before, I have been thinking about how to work out a plan of study for candidates for Initiation within ADF. I have the most basic framework down. . . next is to decide on the two schedules that will need to run concurrently (one for journaling requirements, at least 10 months worth) and one for the "academic" requirements (which are so much fewer than I expected them to be).

Right now, I'm looking at basing this off the "nine sacred woods" and employing a few "druidic tools" that people will need to obtain/create. Of course, that requires me to put them together, myself. . . which should be amusing.

Anyway, for those who follow my projects on the ADF Wiki, the rough outline of the course is there. I just spent a few hours developing it in an effort to get something "portable" that I could work on no matter where I happen to be. . . Originally, it was just going to be in my notebook in hard copy, but I find I lose too many things that way.

Oh, and I'll need some volunteers to test it, once it's done. It's not going to be as "WotY-like" as I thought it would be at first, which is good: that format doesn't do well for the kinds of skills we need to teach for Initiation.
Tags: adf, books, initiation, ip, nine sacred woods

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