Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Anagantios, the stay-at-home month

I watched the Anagantios moon set in the west as I drove home, reflecting on the day. Awake at 3:30 AM and out the door by 5 AM, I began the ritual that has come to mean so much to me over the years: our "Stay-At-Home Moon" ritual, in which the Grove Priest travels from member house to member house, lighting the flame of our Grove's devotion and illuminating and warming the home in this frigid month.

This year I was able to bring seamus_mcnasty with me, as he is now also a Grove Priest. The company and help was invaluable to me today, and it helped me to know that our future as a growing Grove would include secure traditions like this one, where our members can have a day when they can request that a Priest come to their house and bless it, and our membership numbers will not outgrow the availability of our Grove Priests.

What is so special about this moon to me is that I get to spend time not only with Grove members I know well in their own homes, but I often get to see members, new and old, that I either haven't had a chance to connect with or that I have sorely missed over the time they have been away.

It is very special to me to spend that time with the members who ask me into their homes. The 212 miles traveled today were priceless to me in terms of joy and fulfillment.

But, for now, it is the end of a very long day; it is time for me to do a final house blessing (my own) and to fall asleep in preparation for tomorrow.

But I do so with the vision of that Anagantios moon gracefully setting to the west, and good conversation bringing a smile to my lips.
Tags: 6th night, adf, clergy, three cranes grove

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