Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Prayers to Athena

I just prayed and made offering at the feet of Athena Parthenos at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Nashville Parthenon is really a magnificent structure. It's $6.00 admission is well worth it, and it was well worth the price of the flight to come down, rent a car, and drive around to find it. It's technically an art gallery, but that's just the lower floor: the main floor is completely dedicated to the 42 foot tall statue of Athena, and the cella that houses the statue (though the Elgin Marbles are situated around the room, outside the colonade) is devoid of other art.

I thought that 42 feet tall wasn't really all that large when I read about it. I was like, "Oh, that's smaller than I thought."

But what happens is that you come up the stairs from the lower galleries and enter the cella proper, and there she is.

She is magnificent, filling the room. The gilded statue reflects the light beautifully, drawing the eye and filling your vision as well. In her right hand is Nike, at her left side the shield. . . And all the while you can do little except stare up at her and feel awe and reverence.

The Athena at the Nashville Parthenon is the largest indoor statue in the Western world, apparently (the largest indoor statue is a reclining Buddha). Stepping into that cella is something every modern Pagan should experience: though Nashville certainly did not intend to create a Pagan temple, it's clear that they did. It was truly awe-inspiring.

I'm only down for the day, but I've wanted to see this particular statue for a very long time. I'm very glad I came.
Tags: deities, prayers

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