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And the meth-heads dance in harmony with the music of the rides. . . - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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April 7th, 2010

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01:31 pm - And the meth-heads dance in harmony with the music of the rides. . .
Today, I ran afoul of the pseudoephedrine purchase limits while picking up some generic Sudafed at Target. I was denied purchase at the Pharmacy.

How I somehow managed to purchase in excess of 9 grams in the past 30 days is beyond me, but between Maggie and I each having a cold that's lasted for over two weeks at this point will do that, I guess. To put it in perspective, a single box of 20 12-hour "nasal decongestant" products contains 2.4g of pseudoephedrine, meaning that between the two of us, we've each apparently been taking 240mg of pseudophedrine (the regular 24-hour dose) each day for roughly 37 days.

In my mind, this totally doesn't add up. I started getting sick, myself, around Friday of last week (so, about 12 days ago). I stopped taking pills when we last ran out, which was about 5 days ago. I ended up taking approximately 1200mg total during that period (I happen to know, because I skipped a few doses and finished took every pill in a single blister pack, which holds 10 pills at 120mg each.

To complicate things more, all this math means that I am the sole provider of pseudoephedrine in the household, which simply isn't true: Maggie bought the last box.

So, somehow I exceeded the limit of purchasable pseudoephedrine, but I don't really know how. Something is not adding up in my mind. Unless I'm just a dangerous drug dealer too hyped on Meth to know that he's a dangerous drug dealer hyped on Meth.

I guess anything is possible.
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Date:April 8th, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Coincidentally, I had to make a CVS-run today to buy Clariton for my boy and as I'm walking back to the apartment I noticed at the bottom of the receipt:

The daily limit of pseudoephedrine is 3.6 grams.

Today's transaction you purchased 2.4 grams of pseudoephedrine.

I laughed. I knew they tracked it, but I thought this was kind of funny to be boldly printed on the bottom of the receipt.

Maybe you can answer the question this raised for me. Did you buy it at different stores? I'm curious if they just tracked it at each store, or if it's actually logged on your ID and can be viewed at any location.

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