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Perhaps my dullest update ever

Yesterday, I went to JoAnn Fabrics and Michael's Crafts, both of which were having sales on silver beads (30% and 40% off, respectively) to stock up on offerings. I now have quite a bit of silver for offerings, but I realized when I got home that I actually have no gold.

And what is silver without gold? I mean, really?

Anyway, the main reason that I figure I could use some gold is that silver just isn't an appropriate offering for Vedic rites. . . this hasn't been an issue for me because I tend to use ghee and don't bother with a well when I do that (where would the well go, I often wonder, since there is no Vedic underworld?). Silver is, of course, the tears of Agni (who was beat up by the other gods because he refused to give back the treasures they'd give him, and so cried silver), so giving the Vedic gods silver is basically giving them sorrow and/or pain.

So now I'm thinking about returning to pick some gold beads up, too.

Last night, I also picked up a game for my Playstation 3, The Saboteur. Generally speaking, I liked the notion of an open world, sandbox game set in Paris during the French Resistance. I mean, who wouldn't want to beat up Nazi's and blow up stuff? Having never actually played an open world game before, I figured I'd try this one out. I was aware of in-game nudity when I purchased it, but I must admit that I perhaps was not expecting it to appear quite so quickly and quite so. . . "Boldly" I think is the word I'm looking for.

I am somewhat amused by the physics of breasts as they appear in the game from time to time. There's little erotic about the nudity, but it is certainly entertaining.

Granted, well-rendered breasts are probably pretty complicated. The demo for Dante's Inferno indicates that it may be possible to do them nigh-flawlessly, but I played the demo and didn't like the game enough to spend $60 on it. Plus, Penny Arcade pretty well summed up my thoughts on it. (link may not be suitable for work).

Today, I discovered several notes I had left for myself in my phone: I will often take a note so I can remember something, and then I'll forget what the abbreviations I left for myself meant. A good example is the first note on this phone, simply "Hdg". I have no idea what this means, and google doesn't bring up anything that seems to match something I'd have been interested in. So, I went through and deleted several different notes, including one that appears to be the phone number for someone in the Dominican Republic. wtf?

I'm in the process of changing my primary e-mail address away from my OSU one: I have some suspicions regarding non-delivered mail and serious issues with volume impacting my ability to receive mail recently.

I've been engaged in the process for well over two weeks now, so most will have seen e-mails from a different address than my old ".8" account. Both accounts work, so no fear on sending mail to a dead account, but like I said, I suspect I haven't always received everything I expected to receive, and I don't think everything I've sent has necessarily arrived.

Wow, that was a pretty boring update :)
Tags:, hotties, playstation, vedic

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