Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A new World Tree

Over the weekend, before the rite I did on Saturday night, I finished up a new (and far more portable) representation of the Sacred Tree for use in rites. It's more prototype than anything else, so I was less concerned with getting it "right" straight out of the gate and more concerned with seeing how the product would eventually turn out.

In the end, I was very happy with it.

It stands a yard tall, has its own stand (which I think I'll carve to look like roots), and has embossed copper pieces with representations of the Kindreds and the Earth Mother upon it. I don't know how well photos will come out, so forgive me for not providing any at this time.

The best part about it is that it fits into one of those camping chair bags so it can be slung over the shoulder and carried around, and it will fit in anyone's car. We can actually carry it into places like ComFest and the Dublin Irish Festival, too.

It looks really good on an altar, and matches the size of the Grove's well very nicely. The copper, I hope, will age well and develop a nice look, and there's space for more people to put embossed plates on.

At this point, before I start on the "real" version of this (which I hope others will contribute a few pieces to), I just want to see how the copper holds up, being thrown into the trunks of cars, bumped against things during setup and teardown, and having stuff put on top of it during storage. I suspect I'll have to do something to make the embossing stand out better, but until I see how it looks over time, I won't really know.

If we use it often, I suspect I will start to miss the gigantic sassafras tree trunk we have used for so many years (and which is still available, of course!), but the ease of tossing this into the trunk of the car without folding down seats will make that nostalgia rest a bit lighter on my shoulders :)
Tags: comfest, dublin irish festival, rituals, three cranes grove, trees

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