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Wishlist and Alphabet Soup

Because jadewaterflame asked, here's a link to my Amazon Wishlist:

No, I don't *expect* anything, but it'd be nice :)

In case you were living under a rock today, the PSA had an article in the Lantern. Check it out:

Official story
Mirror, if you hate The Lantern

I've been working very hard on the ADF SP. I've also been told that I need to define some alphabet soup I use.

ADF: Ár nDraíocht Féin - "Our Own Druidism", or "A Druid Fellowship". ADF is a Neo-Pagan organization that provides (or tries to provide) a scholarly atmosphere that is still religious. All rituals are open to the public (anyone can go) and the organization itself is international, with members in several countries. It is, apart from OBOD (which cheats a bit by calling everyone who gives it money a member for life) the largest Druid organization in the world.

DP: Dedicant Program - The first step in the study programs that ADF puts out. Takes about a year to do if you do everything on time. Mine took 2 years, but ADF's two main axioms are "Why not excellence" and "Fast as a speeding Oak", so I think I managed quite well.

SP: Study Program - The next level of ADF's study programs are, um, the Study Program. This particular program is broken up into 3 (or more) circles of knowledege. I'm working (humbly) on the first circle right now. There are several different versions of the SP, from Priest to Seer to Warrior to Naturalist. Each one has some overlap. Right now, I'm doing the portions pertinent to the Priest tracts, so that when the Clergy program is approved, I can be a bit ahead of the game. I hope.

PSA: Pagan Student Association. Well, it's an association of student Pagans here at OSU (The Ohio State University).

Did I miss any? Let me know so I can fix it!
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