Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Whip it good!

Clearly, a trip to the Ohio Historical Society is in order: Devo Memorabilia Now On Display At Ohio Historical Center.

I'm going to be furiously working this weekend to complete my recommendations for the CTP work: so far, I've posted about roughly half the stuff I would like to recommend, and I'm just working through the complete reasoning for it at this time.

Most likely, I'll have a document available by the end of this weekend for internal review by the Clergy Council, and will present the same document to the membership at Wellspring, then release the document officially to the lists on Monday or Tuesday after I return from Wellspring. I'm working hard to ensure that everything is available to the folk before anything is implemented, as indicated in my quarterly report this quarter.

Add to that I'm trying to finish the review of work submitted, which is always fun. I think I'll take some submitted coursework with me to lunch: I'm way behind. . . but taking it with me to lunch means that I get to take a lunch, so that's pretty awesome. They've been hard to come by recently.
Tags: adf, amusement, clergy, ctp, history, music, work

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