Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Pac-Man Turns 30

So, this week Pac-Man turned 30, and Google changed their logo to present it as a playable Pac-Man game.

Yes, I played a single level at work when I saw that. I will admit to it.

I remember the old Pac-Man games, though they were pretty old by the time I was old enough to play them. About the only places that still had them were Pizza Huts, and the occasional mall arcade.

While you can still find a Pizza Hut, you can't find a mall arcade anymore, I'm afraid. Personally, I feel that's backwards.

I still think it's a cool game. But then, I don't really require three dimensional sprites to make my gaming experience whole. I'm okay with 8 bits and virtually unlimited play through levels that focuses on "winning" by achieving a higher score, not by completing a storyline.

Hmm. . . maybe I'm just not an "achiever," really. Maybe that's all it is. I just like to play the game :)
Tags: amusement, ghosts

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