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Gah! Crunch Time!

So, last week's news at work was good, but that was a project that had languished as "complete" for nearly six months before I got word that it was acceptable. This week's news could be better, if I can get everything I need to get done completed in the next couple hours. Basically, I need to package a million-dollar deal up all pretty-like in such a way that everyone thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. I think I can manage it.

It's weird how these things go, really. I never thought I'd be doing this sort of stuff on a day-to-day basis. I figured I'd be doing simple jobs I could leave at the office at 5 PM, not taking "real" work with me on vacation and canceling vacations when things broke down.

Sometimes, it makes me long for 2037, the earliest Year-I-Can-Retire with full benefits. Other times, I'll score a big win and I'll want to run to the roof of the building next door (which is taller than my building) and shout, "BOO-YAH!"

The trick is to have more boo-yah days than i-wanna-retire days. So far so good.
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