Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Short Earth Mother Sacred Cow Hymn

Due to a discussion on an ADF list, where someone asked why the Earth Mother was a "sacred cow" in ADF, I was inspired to write a short prayer. It became pretty popular all of a sudden, so I thought I'd post it here, too:
Earth mother, boundless and broad, supporting the heavens;
  Yea, as a cow supports her horns, you support the mountains.
Earth mother, whose waters reflect the heavens and give us life;
  Yea, as a cow whose udder is full, you suckle us as calves.
Earth mother, upon whom the fire of sacrifice is kindled;
  Yea, as a cow is the best gift of a man, you support our generosity.
Earth mother, whose winds sing in mountains and forests;
  Yea, as a cow lows at dawn, we sing praises to you.
I do kinda like it. It's kinda fun!

A bit of much, much needed amusement in a helluvaday.
Tags: adf, amusement, prayers

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