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Over the hump, rested, ready; now let's start rolling downhill. . .

The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy, leading up to last week's astounding, Herculean effort to complete projects at work. Between spending over a million dollars and getting the approval to do such, as well as update license files and other things around campus, it's been a bit crazy.

On top of that, two weeks ago, we lost our internet connection at home entirely (only to be told by the phone company that the trouble "is coming from inside the house!" as if we were in a bad horror movie), the refrigerator broke, and we bought a new fence to replace the one that was blown down by Hurricane Ike (yeah, we're slow on the repairs sometimes). Then, my computer at home was hit with a virus and I ended up reformatting and reinstalling Windows (and everything else, obviously).

So, if I've been a bit out-of-touch recently, the above is sort of why. :) I pretty much haven't stopped since Wellspring, and I just haven't had a weekend off recently. I really, really need one sometime.

Anyway, that said, there was also ComFest, which is the closest thing I get to a vacation all year: with no internet connection, no study program revisions, and no real responsibility, I mostly just get to hang out with the Cranes and do nothing but answer stupid questions like, "Where's your bird sanctuary?" or "Didn't the Romans kill you all?" or "Do you guys drink blood?" At least, those are a smattering of questions we've received while sitting in our booth.

This year, I even bothered to see a band: Miss Molly [MySpace | Facebook]. I haven't really seen a band at ComFest since Watershed last played there. Most of the time, I can just hang out in the booth and hear good music just fine, or funky fusions of good music (we're between the Jazz and Main stages), so I rarely have to actually go see music.

I also got a chance to hang out with one of my (many) ComFest friends, a guy who makes lamps from wood and stained glass. I brought a few folks down from our booth to view his wares, and the Grove ended up with a solution to our "you can't have fire" problem for the Dublin Irish Festival: a very nice electric lamp that will be visible from afar and will look very fire-representative from even close up.

The Sunday morning ritual went very nicely, and we were on the official schedule this year. We got to sing our way through the park (mental note: we need more drums and bells and stuff for that long processional), and I admit, I was really feelin' the ritual that morning, and generally firing on all cylinders. I wasn't as pleased with the gate opening as I have been in the past, but I was also seeking to avoid last year's tumbling incident. I also somehow missed the attunement, which confuses the heck out of me: how did I miss the attunement? But, this is why we have many skilled ritualists: tanrinia took care of that for me during the Waters. A bit late, but better late than never!

In the end, it was just nice to be away from it all for a while, outside the norms of life and into ComFest mode. I didn't get to see nearly enough people for nearly long enough (rfunk is a great example, as he arrived at our booth just in time to help us break down when we were short-handed), but in the end I got to hang out in the sun with friends and bask in the glory of summer for a while.

The Sun Wheel and the World Tree
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