Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Many little updates, in one convenient bulletted list!

I've been swallowed up by work recently, so please forgive me if I'm not overly responsive to things, but I have a short update on things in my life, some of which will be interesting and some of which won't.
  • The Dublin Irish Festival has asked our Grove to provide the "Druid Service" on Sunday morning (Aug. 8) this year. They've never done a Druid service, and we've never worked a crowd like this before, so it's a learning experience all-around. The Dublin Irish Festival is the second largest Irish Festival in the nation, apparently, drawing 100,000 people. We're doing our service up on one of the music stages, which means we'll be set up in a proscenium arrangement (rather than our usual thrust), and it'll be a bit high-church-y. It's the religious hobbiest (thanks to Ian for the term) in me that looks at the challenges and says, "Wow, this'll be awesome!" Please do come join us (more detail at
  • My favourite local alternative radio station, CD101, is changing its frequency (pending FCC approval). This has left me pondering the effect of real change and how it suggests other change that may not actually be there: specifically, CD101 has stated that there are no programming changes occurring at this point, but I find myself listening to songs that seem to have a different feel to them recently, as if a subtle shift had occurred in the format. In the end, I suspect it's all in my head.
  • I've been having a devil of a time with stability in both Thunderbird and Firefox recently, with each one crashing out hard on two different machines. I don't understand what's going on there, to be perfectly honest, but it seems that the two programs are becoming more unstable with each release, and lead to me considering a permanent move from the open source options to Outlook and IE. . . something I've always avoided in the past.
  • Windows 7, however, is a pretty nice operating system. I look forward to using it regularly at home.
  • Wedding planning goes along well, and we're under 3 months now from the date. Payments are being made, invitations are being printed, and the world is a beautiful place. We have not decided on a honeymoon destination yet, but we're getting there. Suggestions are always welcome.
  • Since May 1, I've been doing a light sort of exercise, barely 30 minutes a day (closer to 25 on a good day) in an effort to get a bit more active. This will require another post, because there are a myriad of things that will go into it, from the whole question of why I started through what this "means" to me two months later. So, look for that post.
Tags: adf, dublin irish festival, music, three cranes grove, wedding, work
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