Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Fundraising thoughts

I am beginning to think that it is time for our Grove to embark on a fundraising campaign. Some ideas I've had run a pretty wide gamut from "simple" to "complicated," and from "duh!" to "can we do that?"
  • Selling candles kindled from the Grove's Kildare flame that have been blessed in a ritual.
  • Taking a suggested donation ($5, $10?) for the Anagantios Druid Moon (where our Priests do house blessings through the day). At 10 houses, the Grove could pull in $100 if everyone gave $10, and we typically see 12-15 houses at this point.
  • Silicone bracelets that have one of our favourite Grove slogans on them: maybe a multi-coloured orange/yellow/red one that says "May You Pray With a Good Fire" or one with "WWJD? (What Would Jenni Do?)"
  • Cleanup Pledges: get people to pledge to donate X amount per pound of trash cleaned up. I know just where to go to find several hundred pounds of trash, and we'd get some community service out of it.
  • Donation drive. For this, we'd need a specific purpose. I like to suggest the "roof fund" because all legitimate churches are constantly collecting for their old roof. Just because we don't actually have a roof doesn't mean that we won't in the future!
  • Selling bricks or other engraved items to be eventually placed on Grove land. Without a current space for them, selling bricks on a walkway or engraved plaques on a wall seems somewhat pointless, but I suspect it might actually work on some level, if we used them specifically for a land fund.
  • Estate giving. This is really long-term, but not so long term that we shouldn't be thinking about it anyway (and doing stuff about it!).
Anyway, that's just some thoughts I wanted to get "out there" so I'd be able to reference back on them.
Tags: adf, three cranes grove

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