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Omen from the last rite

Here's the Omen from the last rite:


The Lammas reading shuffled by Luinrandir, cards cut by Mike.

Are the offering accepted: (current time)
Cards laid - Queen Swords - 4 Wands - 10 Swords
Moving toward the balance -The Queen of Swords is the Scorpio woman, strong willed, ever planning to increase her strength.
Center Path (balance) - The 4 Wands is the ceremony at hand, rejoice now during the harvest.
Moving away from the balance-10 Swords is betrayal and deceit, Where the Death Trump card is a spiritual death and rebirth, the 10Sw is a loss on the material realm.
Meaning: The offering is accepted, barely. Greater sacrifices will be forthcoming.

What is offered us in return: (The future)
Cards laid - The Fool - 7 Pentacles - The Magician
Moving toward the balance - The Fool is the folly of youth, both wise and unknowing. Awed by the possibilities the present dangers are ignored.
Center Path (balance) - 7 Pentacles - A gardener await his garden to bear fruit
Moving away from the balance-The Magician learns of his powers, his tools and becomes aware.
This is a very positive response as we move from unawareness to patience to growth... but the harvest is not yet knowable.

What further needs do the Gods have of us? (The outcome / To be aware of)
Cards laid - Page of Pentacles - The 5 of Pentacles - The 5 of Cups
Moving toward the balance - Vanity
Center Path (balance) - Desperation
Moving away from the balance- Loss observed without noting that not all was lost.
This is as negative as the previous set was positive. It is an obvious warning that a bleakness and loss is to come, born of self pride, vanity and selfishness.

(first meditation) The time coming is treaturous and perilous. A flaw now will turn to weakness later which in turn becomes loss. Hesitation now will turn to uncertainty later which will turn to being overwhelmed. Yielding to the fears of others will not bring them healing, only the validation of fear.
(second meditation) The time upcoming will be a time which will write the future of the group... One persons skill over anothers unawareness leading to smugness. Celebration moves toward quiet patience and then to despair. The harsh lessons of life teach, but with a sacrifice, a loss.

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