Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Building an IP program and what that seems to mean

The past few weeks have been full of computer issues. Just last night, I reformatted again, for the second time this week. If I've got a project I'm supposed to finish for you, this is, unfortunately, why it isn't done.

As I work on this Initiate Path project I've been builing for the past six months or so, I keep running into certain roadblocks that the DP "Wheel of the Year" document didn't raise; namely, the IP's coursework isn't as easy to put into a linear progression; at least, a program of initiation shouldn't be "do exit standard X, then exit standard Y, then exit standard Z." While I'm less concerned at this point about stepping on people's toes in terms of what I present than I was with the DP WotY, I'm more concerned with coherence and providing direction with the IP.

I've got a great system of dividing up the work that seems to actually look pretty good, but my problem is finding the starting point to move things along.

The IP program I'm developing should run between 9 months and 1 year, and it will involve the creation of a complete set of working tools (let's face it, too few Druids actually have sickles!) and some plant-based lore as well. Part of my problem is putting the tools into the process in a way that makes sense, and part of my problem is that I have so many different places that I want to start that I'm drowning in "awesome starting points" and having trouble picking just one to latch onto.

I've also made the tentative decision to not offer the system "for free," even within ADF. At this point, I'm looking at just "buy the book" as a fee, but I'm considering additional options, too, like workshops and a web forum and articles on my site as possible "add-on content," too. While the ADF Initiate Path will remain completely free, obviously, I don't think that the various systems crafted around the core will do so.

I guess the post isn't really seeking "advice" on any of these issues, so much as just expressing my trouble getting the thing moving. I know I have some willing candidates to run through the program, but I don't want to pull them in before the basic structure is ready to go.

Anyway, still thinking on it. I've made some movements.
Tags: adf,, ip, reflections

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