Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Dublin Irish Festival: Smashing Success

To start with, the numbers:
  1. Attendance: 327 at formal count.
  2. Collection for St. Brigid's charities: $200.08

This is clearly our single largest event ever, and also the first event where we've made use of a proscenium format for a ritual.

We held rehearsals and worked with sound amplification and a good amount of athenamsb's vocal and guitar stylings. Everyone who spoke did so with authority, deep feeling, and wonderful emotion. Everyone who supported us in the crowd did so with gusto, and everyone who advertised for us brought home the crowd. This was an astounding effort on all levels, whether someone was on stage, encouraging people to come, or sitting in the audience. Thank you all!

And we got (most of) the service on tape, which, as soon as I can get it transferred and spliced together, we'll be sending it off to Isaac Bonewits so he can see just one more example of the fruit of his work.

Our omens? Strength, Homeland, and Hearth. Good omens indeed.

My feelings are best described in a conversation I had with seamus_mcnasty before the ritual:
Seamus: You ready for this?

MJD: I'm ready. We've been practicing for this for 8 years.

Love to the Cranes!
Tags: adf, dublin irish festival, friends, rituals, three cranes grove

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