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Starhawk again? Ugh.

You know, the more I read about things like this,
the more I think the Christian Coalition should get money for politically pandering from the pulpit.

Starhawk is at it again, preaching in ritual, it seems. The very thing we Pagans cringe at Christians doing.

I'm tired of her and her gross misrepresentation of Paganism in general. Oh, wait, she's not Pagan. She doesn't just come out on Halloween and Beltaine. Bitch.

"Witches are the ones that don't just show up on Halloween and May Day, but take some leadership in the community."

-Starhawk, on the difference between Pagans and Witches

Unfortunately, my package to healing_coyote will be late (sorry, kid). Gary wanted to add something. :)

But at this point, it probably won't make it in time for your birthday. It was going to be a surprise, but late surprises are never as much fun :)
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