Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Ordination Omens and Interpretations

When I awoke on Saturday morning at dawn, I took a set of omens. They were as follows:
  • Ancestors – Isa, Ice. I read this as a rune of contemplation, of turning inward and understanding what is beneath.
  • Nature Spirits – Kenaz, torch. I read this as the rune of the brightly-lit hall, which keeps the darkness at bay and extends fellowship.
  • Deities – Laguz, waters. This I read as a rune of the subconscious, of the overflowing and dark sacred waters. It bookended the morning's reading beautifully with the contemplation of Isa.

At the Unity Rite where I was ordained, the omens drawn were also quite good.
  • Ancestors – Elder, the tree of the Fair Folk, passion.
  • Nature Spirits – Ash, ancestral wisdom, shaft of the spear.
  • Deities – Hawthorn, protection and counseling.

Skip also pulled an ogham specifically for me as a Priest during my ordination.
  • My Omen – Saille, the willow. This omen was described by Skip as being one of mysteries and ancestors, but all I could think of was the tree in which the three cranes sit above Esus' head: the willow tree.

In all, the omens were spot on and just right for the work. It is sensible that I would spend my morning in contemplation and study; that the unity rite would evoke passion, ancient wisdom, and protection; and that the omen for me would be the tree that binds the myth of Esus together.

These are good omens, indeed.
Tags: adf, clergy, divination, esus, festivals, friends, ogham, rituals, runes, three cranes grove

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