Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Initiations and initiatory work in ADF

As we work toward figuring out how to manage our first set of non-clergy initiatory Candidates within ADF, I've had a few thoughts, with a particular one I'd like to share:

I think that next year, after the current batch of 2-3 Candidates finish the final step in the Initiatory process, it might be time to start having Initiatory Retreats. We have a small number, currently, of students, but the best way to grow that (and to mark it off from the clergy training) is to give it its own space and let it gather its own momentum.

We currently have five initiates (the Archdruids and myself), and I expect that we'll have another three by next year, two of whom are not involved in the Clergy Training Program. At 8 people, we can find dates and times when most of us can travel to a single location to get things moving, even though we're separated by nearly an entire continent in some cases. This would allow us to have a small group who can engage in building up what Initiation means in the wider scheme of ADF, and to do so by doing rather than by talking.

I sort of see a weekend of ritual, discussion, and probably writing, so that we can get some of this back out and into the hands of ADF members.

It would also give us an open space that's already available to allow us to do further Initiations of more Candidates, allowing us to take the pressure to do these at festivals and retreats that have other purposes, and would even allow us to send out fancy invitations to Candidates, which could be kind of cool. Besides, we should really be using that Trout Lake Abbey place for more ADF stuff, since we have access to it, and it's sort of purpose-built.

Anyway, that's my thought on these things.
Tags: adf, festivals, initiation

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