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September 22nd, 2010

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10:49 am - Revisiting Study Program Questions, Even On Accident, Can Be Helpful
So, last night I was up late, a result of not quite feeling like going to bed on time. So, doing laundry and watching Smallville (yep, I still watch it, guilty pleasure it must surely be), I hung out with Eliade's The Myth of Eternal Return and got to work on a question for the Liturgist Guild Study Program.

It's a question about cyclic time and linear time, and how time works in ritual, and all that jazz. Well, using Eliade, such a question is actually pretty easy (especially when you know which book to pick ideas from). So, I sort of hand-wrote the answer to the question while sitting there (and let me tell you, in-line citations on a handwritten essay look rather weird).

When I went to put the answer up on my website for archiving, though, I found I had already answered it. It turns out that my previous answer (also citing Eliade) is pretty good too (though I really liked the answer I did last night).

In this case, I was pretty fortunate: it turns out that what I wrote last night is very complimentary to what I had written last week, so I basically reorganized the two essays into one. This makes it a bit long, but it certainly covers the topic now.

I really liked what I wrote this second time through, though. I mean, it's deeper, more explicitly Eliadian, and includes some Latin (always a plus). Just goes to show: a re-write, even accidental, can really be a blessing.

In other news, we appear to have gotten some pretty good reviews of last Sunday's Autumnal Equinox ritual the Grove put on. Two people personally wrote to us and thanked us for the rite we put on, and both have indicated that they'll be at the 3CG Business Meeting on the 7th, which I presume means they'd like to become Friends of the Grove. This is pretty cool: usually, people don't take the time to write us directly after a ritual and inquire. It's sort of nice.
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Date:September 22nd, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)

LOL - i've done that as well- just recently. I wrote out an answer for the gsp Nature in regards to how one would treat the nature spirits after answering all the questions... well- I answered it before all the questions were done... and then did it again. When I discovered it- I had found I had good ideas in both - but that the latter was obviously more indepth due to more reasearch. I opted to use the latter one in my case :) Funny that :)


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