Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,


My honeymoon was going well until last night, when of all things, my phone started ringing and people just kept calling. I woke up this morning to another phone going off (Maggie's), and now I am a bit too stressed to sleep.

So I'm spending my morning reading Brice Lincoln's Emerging From the Chrysalis, trying to resist the urge to mass text everyone and ask them NOT to call or text for the next week.

I was perfectly okay with one or two calls form friends, but it's suddenly gotten ridiculous. I had a dream last night where I picked up Maggie's phone and screamed into it.

Here's hoping that this post can flush some of the stress away. I really don't need it when I'm on a real vacation for the first time in my adult life. It is too beautiful here for me to spend time angry at people I love.

At least my office has not yet felt any need to call or bug me. This is very nice.

I think that, like yesterday, I will go watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. It is a curious thing that I can also watch the sun set over the same ocean here. Maggie picked the perfect place. I just need to find a way to continue to enjoy it.

Tags: books, buffett, dreams, freedom, friends, hotties, initiation, marriage, nature, stupidity, three cranes grove, usas, via ljapp, work

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