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Back from the Clergy Retreat

Last weekend, the Clergy of ADF had a very fruitful retreat. Much of what we did was very internally focused: we reviewed the CTP recommendations, brought forth the concerns we'd heard from the Org, and determined what other work we would need to do.

We finally sorted out this silly "consecrated/ordained" thing that we have been going on about for so long now. How we do the change ritually is something to be sorted out, but functionally, we have a stronger identity and a better notion of what exactly is going on here. Unofficially-officially (because we haven't updated the SOP yet, but we have the CC's blessing to "make it happen" through usual channels), I am now called by Kirk's nomenclature: an "ADF Senior Priest."

I'll talk more about what the actual nomenclature is once we get things through/approved.

The Clergy Training Program recommendations were almost entirely approved, with some minor examples (in-person meetings were modified and Initiation remains, at this time, not required to become a Senior Priest). We also had some awesome breakthroughs in terms of response: our current ADF Senior Priests who were grandfathered in and are technically not required to do any Study Program work have all agreed to take the Ethics 1, Law and the Church, and Crisis Response courses.

We have also committed ourselves to providing ADF Dedicants with a level of spiritual discipline that can be done if they want to show that they are doing (as Ian calls it) "The Work of the ADF Dedicant." It isn't complicated and doesn't throw any curve balls at all, really, compared to what we'd expect someone with that level of knowledge to be able to do, and it certainly looks more like "maintenance" than "advancement" (it is, in fact, far lower-impact than what the Dedicant did to get to that point).

We managed some internal housekeeping, which I think will prove very useful to us. If nothing else, we're in a better position than we were in the past. The elimination of the Senior Druid exemption suddenly cleared the way for the Council to move forward on a lot of things, and to end certain practices that no one liked (but we felt were necessary) entirely.

I'm looking forward to putting together the full report so the membership can see it (and figure out what to call us, too!)

Oh, and because I know many people are interested, the Clergy Council approved the "new" course outline in the document. I'll be going to post it over on ADF-CTP shortly so people can see it. The Council of Lore will next have to approve it, and we have some courses to write for it, but I think that the new outline will greatly benefit our Priests, and Our Druidry.

As for the coolest thing? Beth, druid_medb, and _crow365__ all passed their Initiations. I was honoured to sit for _crow365__'s Initiation in particular. There are now five who have been through the process, and three more who, as former Archdruids, can initiate person into the current. Suddenly, it looks like this thing might really take flight!
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