Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Juggling Loads of Stuff

First, the breviary is done. I'm waiting for the proofs to come in.

The Breviary (called "A Breviary for Cranes, Solitary" at the moment) contains 21 rituals: 8 High Days and 13 Druid Moons. It's written specifically with a solitary practitioner in mind, providing them with a set script for all High Days with specific workings and calls to various beings of the occasion. The Druid Moons came in as a result of a recent post to the 3CG list, where I mentioned something about, "If you can't make it to the Druid Moon Rite, do this at your altar!" The idea was so good, I started work then and there on the Breviary (which is good, because then several people asked if we could do that sort of thing more often).

There are a couple of workings associated with the High Days, but mostly they are without workings, though suggestions for appropriate wordings are included.
SamhainCernunnos & AncestorsDumb Supper or Letter-Writing
YuleSulisNone given
ImbolcBrigandoImbolc poem
SpEqNemetonaBlessing tools
BeltaineBelenos and SironaNone given
SuSolTaranisNone given
LughnassadhLugusNone given
AuEqTeutatesGrove Poem

All of the Druid Moons have workings associated with them, specifically:
  • The Dumb Supper
  • Viewing the Flame
  • Setting the Borders
  • Blessing the Home
  • Mixing the Home Dirt
  • Embarking
  • The Three Fires
  • The Travel Talisman
  • Painting the Horse
  • Dancing the Flow
  • The Virtues of the Wods
  • Calling for Inspiration
  • Fire and Ice
There's also a complete Druid Moon calendar through 2017 included.

Finally, there are a set of prayers included. I want to add more to this list, but I really wanted to see how it would look before I finalized everything, so I jumped the gun and ordered the proofs before really filling out this section. So far, there's:
  • A Prayer for Kindling the Ritual Fire
  • A Prayer for Courage and Strength
  • A Prayer of Self-Healing
  • Prayer for Sleeping
  • Prayer for Morning
  • Resting Prayer
  • Blessing a Child
Finally, I also included a quick reference for both runes and ogham.

The book will be spiral bound for easy laying-flat on an altar or workspace.

I really hope that this will be very helpful to new ADF members, moreso than the other books I've written have been. I'm looking forward to having seamus_mcnasty read through it and let me know what he thinks, because I can already tell another set of eyes will need to hit this thing before I can release it.

Second, CTP stuff

Looks like the CTP revisions will die in the Council of Lore, unless pretty much everyone left votes "yes" on it. That means that I have to find ways to completely retrofit the plan to make all the decisions we made at the Clergy Retreat actually occur. This involves doing a re-working of nearly every document I had finished, and then turning them around.

Third, Reorganizing Time

The reorganization of the CTP work just took top priority, so I'm clearing out whatever I can in advance of the vote closing tomorrow and trying to let people know that I'm not going to be available for a number of things as a result of it. Whereas before there was a relatively aggressive timeline, that's all out the window, replaced by a far more aggressive timeline so that I can have a program in place, rather than doing it step-by-step, all at once. So, hopefully, I'll be able to put something together and get it back to the CoL before the end of the month.

Fourth, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Are Soft

You wouldn't know it from their reputation as hard-working pups, but it turns out that when they're off duty, bomb-sniffing dogs like a good belly-rub, or so I learned while out to lunch today.

So, if I'm a bit distracted, that's why. . . back to the drawing board on nearly everything.
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