Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A Crane Breviary and Guide Book

Today, I managed to get my short breviary published: A Crane Breviary and Guide Book ("CBGB" for short).

I also provided a free "preview" version of it for ADF members, including the entire High Days cycle, since I figured that portion was important to provide at no additional charge. The rite I ended up using for this was the "simple self-blessing" rite I put together a couple of years ago: it has gotten some pretty good reviews from folks who have worked it, so I wanted to make it more accessible to those who might find it useful.

Anyway, the book includes:
  • a ritual script (that follows the ADF Order of Ritual) for all 8 High Days;
  • a ritual script for 13 Druid Moons (this ritual script doesn't exactly follow the OoR, at least not in terms of "order:" most of the steps are there, but they're out of order);
  • a daily ritual with seven deities taking turns throughout the week (thanks to tanrinia, who developed the initial list, though I modified it a tad in the end);
  • some personal workings and prayers for daily stuff and not-so-daily stuff;
  • and a pair of "quick reference charts" for runes and ogham divination.

I think what I like most, though, is the cycle of workings for the Druid Moons. I mentioned that in the last entry. We never really had a solid description of what we did at these moons, and now, suddenly, we have one that seems kind of cool.

I also very much like the cycle of divinities for the High Days. My religious life has occasionally been "taken over" by the Grove's religious cycles, so I'm not sure I'd ever done something that really felt like it was very "me" when it came to picking deities before.

There's something awesome about solitary work: I think that I shall never convey how envious I sometimes get of those who don't have to worry about consensus of opinion when writing their rituals, or about the theatrics and performance aspects of group work. I know it's awesome to have others around (and I feel that way, too), but there is so much to be gained in solitary work that we should not overlook it.

In the end, the book came out to 74 pages, and I put it together in about two weeks, start to finish. There are some places that I suspect I will want to improve: I feel that it may need more substantial non-scheduled workings (like, more rites for people to do when they feel the need, rather than rites to do when the moon hits a certain phase or the sun arrives at a certain point), as well as expanding it to cover a couple more cultures, perhaps. I am thinking that we'll probably ship the next edition off to ADF Publishing, once it's ready to go. . . but that won't be for a while.
Tags: 6th night, adf, books, cbgb, clergy, gaul, rituals

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