Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Festival Schedule for 2011

Here's my official, set-in-stone festival schedule for this year:

* - I have skylark913's wedding to do on June 25, so I won't be at ComFest most of Saturday.

Tentative Festivals I'm considering:

  • Free Spirit Gathering (June 14-19, Darlington, MD)
  • Summerland (Aug 18-21, Yellow Springs, OH)
  • Earth Warrior's Festival (Sept 16-18, Clarksville, OH)

Indeed, you see right: there's a CraneFest on the schedule. We're chatting about what exactly that means, but apparently the one we had last year was a smashing success. . . I don't know anything about the themes or nature of the little festival because I couldn't go last year. But this year I can!
Tags: adf, festivals, friends

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