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Recent House Bills That Make Me Shiver - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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February 5th, 2011

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01:06 pm - Recent House Bills That Make Me Shiver
Republicans introduced H.R. 358, probably best referred to as the Let Women Die Act, which indicates that women can be denied life-saving treatment because a doctor is unwilling to perform said treatment (and let's face it, it does not matter what type of treatment that is: it's wrong to deny treatment to anyone who needs it). This comes on the heels of H.R. 3, which tried to re-define what counted as "rape," indicating that "forcible" rape was somehow worse than any other kind of rape.

Essentially, in H.R. 3, the Republicans (and several idiot Democrats) tried to sell "rape by being held down" as somehow worse than "rape through roofies" or "statutory rape". . . when, in reality, "non-consent" can be the only valid measure of rape, or there is a risk that we will find ourselves saying, "Oh, well, she was only raped a little bit." That doesn't even make any sense, and even worse, it starts to tell people that rape is only sometimes a crime.

H.R. 358 allows hospitals to outright refuse treatment if they can't find a doctor willing to terminate a pregnancy, even if the woman will die without termination. Not only that, but they also don't have to transfer the patient to another hospital that will do the procedure. Essentially, the law says that they can let the woman die and not be responsible. . . and still get their federal funds.

I was under the impression that everyone voted to get the government out of their personal lives last November. . . This moralizing and hypocrisy (our local effervescent bundle-of-joy "hero-of-a-congressman," John Boehner, referred to this bill as the "will of the people" just about a week ago, tying it to the perceived mandate they got) is pretty much the furthest thing from what people were voting for.

So let's review H.R. 358 in light of "the will of the people" as expressed in the last election. The bill allows the hospital to refuse treatment and let a woman die, and still collect federal funding? I thought we were trying to reduce federal spending here, not give it to people of a "higher moral standard," as decided by Congress. (If you can honestly tell me that letting a woman die and not providing her a different option for treatment is an objectively "higher moral standard" than potentially terminating a pregnancy, you'll win a sucker.) I would be more inclined to buy the argument that the recent election indicated that all federal dollars for hospitals should be pulled than the argument that the recent election indicated that Congress (of all people) should be our moral compass.

It's one thing to have the government's hands in my pockets: that will never change, but it would be nice if they stuck their hands in my pockets a bit less. I'm all for that. But I don't have to let their hands down my wife's pants. That's not where the government's hands belong!

I rarely talk about politics in my journal (and I tend to think of myself as a "Republican who can't find his party" because of stuff just like this), but this circus act is pretty clearly out of line with what the voters want. And I'll admit that I'm a bit upset about it, though I was also pretty much expecting this. Tigers don't change their stripes, after all. This sort of thing isn't a Republican problem, not really: Democrats do some pretty dumb things (like sponsoring these bills, for instance), but I am forced to admit that the Republicans tend to pull this sort of thing a lot more often than the Democrats seem to.

What the hell is a fiscally conservative, socially liberal person supposed to do these days? I think the message is that we should just stay home, because neither party actually cares about us.

This new House of Representatives is failing at representing sanity.
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Date:February 9th, 2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
It's okay to be socially conservative, I think. I am on some things (though I am forced to call myself "socially liberal" due to what being "socially conservative" means now). The thing about being conservative about social issues is that it's perfectly awesome to be such when you are not telling others that they also must be conservative.
Date:February 10th, 2011 09:12 am (UTC)
Erm, the thing is 'socially conservative' and 'socially liberal' vary wildly depending on where you are. When I was younger I was pretty much a social conservative - in my area - when I joined the military I was usually considered a raging hippy/liberal. It was mildly surreal. But, I grew up in Western Washington while a lot of my cohorts were from much more conservative areas. I label myself an independent these days and let the rest of the labels lie.

Regarding the legislation, I am sickened to think that there are enough people in our country that think this is a good idea for legislation like this to be drafted in the first place. I am hoping it is a ploy by these parties to pander to the more vocal (maybe ignorant?) members of their constituency rather than an indicator of true public support.

I hope.

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