Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Apparently, Dream Logic Is Different Than Real-Life Logic

I had a dream last night that was something like a short conversation with myself. It involved a trip to the zoo and how the bald eagles are kept there.

I started thinking about how the rather noble birds are kept behind a net at the zoo, and how hard it is to see them through it sometimes. Caging animals is something we take for granted in zoos, and I'm not thinking about the "inhumanity" of it or anything like that, just that it's part of zoos in general.

Anyway, bald eagles have been making a comeback, enough so that they have been removed from the endangers species list (in the 1950's, there were only around 1,000 birds left in the US; now there are somewhere over 100,000, showing that humans can indeed save a species if they have the will to do so). I started wondering to myself, "You know, wouldn't it be better if, at the zoo, they took down the net and let the birds fly anywhere they wanted?"

I started thinking about all the reasons why this wouldn't affect the exhibit negatively: first, the eagles could be allowed to forage for a larger diet. It would also provide an unobstructed view into the nest. Kids would occasionally get pooped on from above. Because the nest was there, and bald eagles mate for life, they will always return to the nest, and because they nest near where they're born, they might also build a stronger presence around the zoo, and we might end up with more bald eagles (never a bad thing, I think). Heck, on a good day, we might get lucky and one of the birds might snatch a kid from a stroller, thus ending the ever-annoying parade of gigantic off-road strollers that people bring to the zoo that prevents non-childrened folks from seeing any animals or even walking near an exhibit.

Then, of course, I realized why that wasn't really a good idea: the net keeps predators out, prevents the birds from being hit by cars, and allows the zoo to keep injured birds without a terribly high mortality rate. Plus, it keeps out maintenance workers wielding brooms. But it wasn't any of these things that convinced me that it was a bad idea to take down the net.

No, it was tigers.

Suddenly, in my dream where I was weighing the pros and cons of letting the zoo's bald eagles roam free, I had a daydream-like-vision where all the animals were set free of their cages, and allowed to roam about. There might not have been much logic to it, but for some reason, I thought of these tigers, and little kids saying, "Mommy, why is the kitty petting you? Mommy? Mommy!"

So this is how my awesome dream logic works. It's not the good, solid reasons that normal people would think of that dissuade me from waking up and immediately asserting that the bald eagles should be freed from their slavery. No. It's the very illogical extension of making the entire zoo, including big cats, cage free that does it.

Way to go, brain. You win a prize. . . of something stupid.
Tags: amusement, dreams, stupidity

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