Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

What can make life good? A pocket full of gold coins.

Yes, that's right: after leaving a meeting at the Univesity of Cincinnati last week, I pulled out of thier parking garage with a large volume of gold dollar coins from the parking meter, owing primarily to the large bill I had stuck in the meter in order to get out of the garage.

There's something awesome about having a pocket full of gold coins: it keeps you honest about what you're spending, because you can actually feel your money situation getting "lighter" as coins leave your pockets. Plus, it makes one feel a bit like a dragon with a horde (or a leprechaun with a cereal kids try to steal, I guess) to have gold coins in your pocket.

Whenever I end up with a large quantity of these coins, as occasionally happens (most often after leaving the post office), I often wonder what it would be best to spend them on. That's the thing about unusual money: it causes you to plan its expenditure rather than use it as if it were something "common" that you carried around all the time. $2 bills are like this, as well, as were state quarters (back when they first came out).

Really, the only issue with the coins I received is that they're all of the same president: Andrew Johnson. Johnson was the first president impeached (and the only one impeached until Bill Clinton got a blowjob). I will admit, this has somehow made the gold coins a bit less spectacular. . . but I continue to find worth in them, anyway.

So, today counts as a good day. A happy Monday to all of you.
Tags: amusement, politics, sex, work
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