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April 2nd, 2011

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01:17 pm - Finally.
All Clergy Training Program course revisions are written and formatted. Now, I'm just waiting on final comments on the theology courses to finish rolling in (or for someone to say that things look complete), and then it's off to the Clergy Council with 'em.

'Bout damn time. My head's about to explode from all the theology, polytheology, ritual studies, geomythology, archeoastronomy, ethics, mythology, and general course design garbage that I've read in the past 12 months. Hell, I'm even (unofficially, with instructor's permission) enrolled in one of Dr. Sara Iles Johnston's courses, entitled "Methodologies for the Study of Ancient Religions." (Dr. Johnston also really wants to see our study program, incidentally. . . no pressure or anything like that on me. . .)

This is a far superior program to the last one. Here's hoping I can convince about 14 people that they should be of the same opinion.
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Date:April 2nd, 2011 06:56 pm (UTC)
You can see the complete "draft" version on the ADF site. It should be stressed that none of this has been passed by the CoL:


If I were to suggest courses to complete, I'd suggest the following, all of which can transfer between the two versions with no issue because there won't be any change in their requirements:
  • ADF Structure, Customs and Policies
  • Law and the Church
  • Indo-European Studies 1
  • Indo-European Myth 1
  • Liturgy Practicum 1: Domestic Cult Practice
  • Ethics 1

Keep in mind that all the courses on the draft outline might change a bit (outside the ones listed above, which I don't have any intention to touch, though I suppose the CoL could force us to change them, if there's a known issue with one of the courses).

As for any courses you may already have completed, I'm expecting to accept all previously passed "Liturgy 1" courses, for example, as completing the "revised" CTP Liturgy 1 course, even though there's been a slight change to the requirements in the revision (some clarification wording was added to two of the requirements, to help differentiate them from other questions).

The following courses have no current approved version that you could pass at this time:
  • Discipline 1
  • Discipline 2
  • Discipline 3
  • Cosmology 1
  • Ritual Mechanics
  • Magic 1 for Priests
  • Pagan Theology 1
  • Pagan Theology 2

These are all new courses, so the revisions to the CTP need to be approved before anyone can submit or pass them.

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