Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Watching the Falcons Downtown

I've recently been watching (and by "watching" I mean "occasionally going to the site for a few minutes") the NestboxCam that tracks the falcons at Rhodes Tower downtown. Last year, I was tuned in at the right time and got to watch the birth of a falcon, which was pretty neat.

Well, this year, there's a new female falcon in town (after the untimely demise of last year's mother, Scout, apparently at the hands of a worker), and she's laid five eggs so far. So, now she's trying to learn how to incubate the eggs. Since this is her first time nesting, it's pretty clear that she's having some trouble with the process, but that's to be expected.

In all, this is terribly interesting to watch, and since Durand will be incubating, she'll almost always be in the box for the next few weeks. The cameras have sound, too, which is pretty darn cool. It's interesting watching her figure out exactly what she's supposed to do, having no experience and no instruction. It really is amazing.
Tags: nature

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