Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

I'm older than I thought

Today, I received an invitation to a celebration of my fiftieth anniversary of my graduation from Ohio State. Yep, the good ol' days, when Woody was coaching and I was but a mere pup of a lad. . .

Indeed, you read that right: somehow, Ohio State thinks I've graduated for 50 years ago and that I still have the same e-mail address they had on file.

About ten minutes later, I received what appears to be a correction (though it didn't acknowledge the previous mistake) inviting me to the same celebration in honor of my tenth anniversary of graduating from OSU.

In other news, both the trees I mentioned in a previous post are now gone from me; the tree that was in the power lines has been cut, with only about a one inch stump left in its place (and a gigantic pile of wood), and I've now moved offices and so cannot see the tree I used to see outside my window. Still, there are hopes that the willow will grow back, and the sweetgum remains standing, of course.
Tags: amusement, house, school, work

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