Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Works in Progress

So, recently I've been in progress on a few new projects, some of which I'd like to mention:
  • A book on Druidry with a middle school or early high school reading level. This isn't just because sometimes I feel kinda slow to get concepts myself, and re-writing them in plain language helps with that, but mostly it's because we have a lot of high falutin' language and deep scholarly work that no one seems to understand sometimes, and we have people who really can't access our work because of it. So, it's off to explain things in a more understandable tone.
  • A brief prison ministry guide. Related to the previous, I recently put together a three-or-so page description of Druidry for Washington State Corrections, who requested a description of our religion so that they could effectively deal with prisoners who indicated that they were Druids. I may submit it to some other correctional departments, if Washington finds it useful.
  • A workbook for the Cranes' new undertaking. Three Cranes is planning a day-long set of seminars for ritual work, focusing on the basics of personal practice, and expanding those basics into skills that can take your public ritual practice on to the next level. We've penciled in a date, and you'll all see it very soon, I'm sure. But this new undertaking requires a lot of support material, so we're in the process of building it. Right now, we have the makings of a good primary text, and once that's done, we'll start working on creating the workbook out of that text.
  • Putting the new CTP into a print format. I've got a prototype on the way (it probably won't be here before Wellspring), and I'm struggling with the issues of "publishing things that need to be update-able." But it'll be nice to at least have a copy for myself of the complete program, so I don't have to go online to read up on various requirements as I'm grading.
  • Ogham and Greek Alphabet Oracle quick reference cards. Because apparently not every one uses runes, people have been asking for a card similar to my rune quick reference cards for other forms of divination. They're mostly done, so you should start seeing them very shortly appearing at a festival hear you. . .
Anyway, that's my current set of post-CTP projects, flapping in the breeze :)
Tags: books, clergy, divination, festivals, greek alphabet oracle, ogham, pagan fire seminars, prison ministry, runes, writings

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