Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

3CG books now available on iBookstore!

This morning, I learned that three books put out by Garanus Publishing (our Grove's publishing arm) are now available on iBookstore for purchase on your Apple device (this would include all iOS devices, such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone, and also Mac's, I think). The titles are:
Originally, I thought that this last one was the WotY, but it turns out to be the journal, which is just weird, since you can't do a lot with the journal in PDF format, speaking honestly.

This was sort of a pleasant surprise, that three books I'd authored were picked up by Apple for distribution. I am a bit disappointed that the WotY wasn't added, but the WotY Journal was, but that's life.

It's nice to have some published ADF stuff out there for people looking for Druidry things, too. :)
Tags: adf, books, cbgb, three cranes grove, woty, writings

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