Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Court of the Sky: thoughts on the first working

Over the last few nights, I have added some work to my devotional schedule; specifically, I am now doing moonrise devotionals to see how they go over the next "little while," whatever that may mean.

See this all has to do with new alliances that we formed (or tried to form, as the case may be) at last weekend's Clergy Retreat. I left the trancework with the knowledge that I had "more to do" in this arena, but that the spirits were willing to entertain my advances and hear my requests. That alone is pretty awesome.

The addition of these new allies is something strange, though. This is not because they are hard to work with, but mostly because they are so Other. These are spirits most akin to Greek daimones, if I were to choose a spirit classicists and my fellow Pagans might recognize, but I have always made mental sense of those beings, understood their form, and found reliable communication with them.

These new allies are somewhat outside my experience, which is both really cool and really unnerving.

And so, I find myself deeply interested in them and Their ways, and back at that stage of, "Well, make offerings in good faith," which is a place I have rarely been of late. It is nice to have a bit of uncertainty introduced into the work: I find that a wonderful thing.

It is an exciting place to be, honestly, and I look forward to the challenge in the work.
Tags: clergy, court of the sky, rituals, trance

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