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November 19th, 2003

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05:59 pm - "Turnabout"
TURNABOUT Jimmy Buffett
As large as life she stood there
Kissed my cheek and called my old nickname
And though several years had passed
Both of us still looked quite the same
I said Hi, relaxed a bit then asked her how she'd been all these years
She told me she was feeling fine and came to see a friend who lived up here

She told me she had finished school
And then went on to college for a year
I asked if she had married
And slowly down her cheek there came a tear
She said just an itchy eye it must be the weather way up here
Told her I can't stand the cold
It freezes me and I can't feel my ears

We talked a bit about Mobile
And thought about how it has never changed
I told her I was comin' home to spend some time
And hoped it wouldn't rain
She asked if she could see me then
And we could spend some time now and then
Because I lived so far away
Was still no chance why we could not be friends

I drove her to the waiting plane
And watched that big jet streaking through the sky
Thought about the sad young girl
And the time that I just saw her cry
That flame must still be burning bright
I think I'll catch a later flight today
It's time for me to go on home and spend a day or two down by the bay

This song always makes me think about a certain girl. I get this kind of dull ache in my heart when I think about her. It's kinda crazy.

I went through a very similar episode to the Buffett song quoted above. She was passing through Columbus one night and I happened to be on her way. So she popped in to see me. There was a tension in the room that night. We talked for a while, laughing and having fun. I still thought she was amazing and sexy and wonderful, just as I had when I first met her. Saying goodbye that night was rather painful.

I haven't caught that later flight yet, but I often think I should. There's a lot that isn't said, but is pretty well understood. One of these days, I'll need to say it all.

I can't stand the idea that when she walked out of my house that night, it might have been the last time I'd get to see her. I hope that isn't true.
Current Mood: blankblank
Current Music: "Turnabout", -JB

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Date:November 20th, 2003 12:42 pm (UTC)

I'll have to find that song

I always think of Buffet and that one other song. I'd love to hear the music to this one. Maybe I can find a 30 sec clip of it.

In fact, here it is (from walmart .. tho):

**economics warning -- try reading this one last time and then I'll shut up about it**

Summary: Find a macro econ book at look at fiscal policies and economic growth and then judge the tax cut

FDR(liberal who FAILED via creating "jobs") and Bush (tax cuts) suffer from the same problem: Fiscal/Monetary policies do _not_ work. They can temporarily affect things and that is it.

There is an easy allure: tax cuts put money in your pockets, you buy things, it is good for the economy. Unfortunately, the logic only works in the short term. Bush's own people said that by 2007, 90% of the inital gain of the tax cut would be wiped out.

Politicians pass off short-term fiscal policies as long term because it is easy to. People do not think about economic equilbrium.

There are 4 accepted macro-econ ways to actually promote long term growth.

So, if you are going to say the tax cut is working well, you need to look at how well did it work in the short term(which is really only reducing pain not fixing the problem) and how does it affect the 4 accepted ways.

Short Term:
The Presidents council of economic advisers said it would created easily more than a million jobs by now. It didn't even come close. If you care, I'll find the link to the very optimistic Feb 2003 report.

A rough comparison is if you instead created "jobs" with the raw money ( which also does not really work) The tax cut cost $300 billion (out of the $500 billion in debt), how many jobs will $300 billion create?

Long Term:

Are there any side-effects (like long term debt growth) which affect the 4 ways to economic growth:

1)growth in labor force
2)investment in human capital: education and on the job experience
3)investment in physical capital: factories, machines, transportation
4)technological change

In economics it is really easy to say things that sound good but are just plain wrong. It is especially easy because there can be partial truths hidden in the words. One way to filter what is told to you is to use the filter of accepted knowledge. I urge you to find a book on basic macro-econ and look up tax cuts(or monetary policies or economic growth).

The accepted knowledge could be wrong. But, it is the best interpretation humans have right now and fundamental to both conservative and liberal economics. (You can also use the book to judge if your thoughts about minimum wages make sense too).

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