Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

An oddity about moonrise

I mentioned the other day about how I am doing moorise prayers at the moment. After just a couple of days, I find myself wondering just where this will go: each lunar month, there's a time from about the third quarter until the new moon where moonrise is in the wee hours of the morning. The moon shifts rising times between 25 minutes and a little over an hour, depending on the phase the moon is in.

I started doing this with the full-ish moon, so I have about another week until the moon starts to creep toward that point of being a little later than I normally stay up anyway, but it took only a couple of days to notice the pattern of this cycle. I have always known that a quarter moon, half moon, and full moon come up at different times, and that those times are somewhat regular, but I had never actually noticed what the difference truly is, or what the standard formula is behind it.

I love it when my religion opens my eyes to the rhythms of nature, even when those rhythms disrupt my sleep schedule a bit.
Tags: clergy, court of the sky, rituals

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