Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

An overview of my last year as an ADF Priest

The following was submitted as my yearly report regarding my work as an ADF Priest.

Over the past year, I have attended Trillium, Wellspring, Wisteria's Summer Solstice, ComFest, CraneFest, Midnight Flame, the ADF Clergy Retreat, and Harvest Nights. At Harvest Nights, I participated as part of the Traveling Clergy Program, providing a trance workshop that I understand went very well.

The Clergy Training Program revisions were voted on and passed by the Council of Lore. Rev.'s Kirk Thomas and Robb Lewis were very helpful in updating the programs in the Study Program Tracker, and were instrumental in reopening both programs. My thanks to them both.

I have served the folk in my Grove and my local community, presiding at a particularly high-visibility public ritual with over 350 attendees from various faiths (see below). I presided at four weddings over the course of the last year.

In December 2010, I published what appears to be the first complete cycle of solitary rituals for ADF members in book form ever, in a book called A Crane Breviary and Guide Book. Until this book was released, publications either did not have a coherent line of practice, or were written for groups and Groves.

At Wellspring in May 2011, I presided at the last formal ADF memorial rite for Isaac Bonewits; the consecration of Rev. Barbara Wright and the elevation of Rev. Jessie Olson; and the (aborted) Unity Rite. Working through the thunder, lightning, and hail, (surprisingly) nobody died and the omens were good.

On July 21, 2011, I presided at the main ritual at Wisteria's Summer Solstice, where we led another rite in the rain, right through an apparent tornado.

On August 7, 2011, I presided at a ritual at the Dublin Irish Festival for our second year in a row. Over 350 people came for the rite, from all religions and walks of life. Our Grove considers this event to be the sort of ritual Isaac hoped to see us preside at as Priests of the people in ADF: firmly Pagan, firmly public, and firmly an ADF rite.

On August 12, 2011, we held a rite of remembrance for Isaac Bonewits on the one-year anniversary of his death.

At the Clergy Retreat, I helped write an ADF Clergy Council Code of Ethics, which was subsequently approved at the same meeting, and guided others in the Clergy Order Work.

In the coming year, I expect to engage in the following programs:

In Nov. 2011, I will be in Minneapolis, MN, and am discussing with some of our members whether we will be able to meet for some time and either do a workshop, ritual, or just shoot the breeze.

In February, our Grove will hold our first ever Pagan Fire Seminar, entitled: "Private Practice to Public Ritual." The aim of this seminar is to focus on the skills of the ritualist, and we hope to pack more solid information into a day of workshops than most festivals pack into a four-day weekend.

I intend to again attend Trillium, Wellspring, ComFest, 8 Winds, CraneFest, Midnight Flame, the ADF Clergy Retreat, and Harvest Nights. I have been approached about attending Earth Warriors as well, and a few others.
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