Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Writing a new book, suddenly I'm stumped. . .

Well, not exactly stumped. What really happened is that I've gotten to a point where I want to include a basic "nature awareness" meditation, which I'm sure I've written before.

The problem really is that I just cannot find it. Anywhere. So I'm spending time searching everything from journal entries to old hard drives trying to locate it. I thought it was in the WotY, but apparently it's not. I might have posted it to an e-mail list, but I can't find it if so.

I should probably just go outside and write another one; after all, the weather is still good enough (this week) to do that. But I like to re-use things and build them, especially when people have expressed usefulness regarding the work in the past (my "Simple Self-Blessing" gets a lot of play in my work).

What's this book? It's a pretty simple, basic, high-school-or-lower-reading-level "What Is Druidry?" book. It covers all the history in about 4 pages (which includes a giant map) and presents a lot of basics to get people "doing Druidry" in about 15 minutes.

Oops, I just re-counted. The history section is 2.5 pages, with the big honkin' map included. Like I said, basic.

I have a feeling that it's time for me to go meditate on nature again. Darn :)
Tags: books, meditation, rituals, woty, writings

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