Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Divination by liminal, long-necked water birds

This morning, I spent a bit of time working through a new divination set: Divination by Crane. The set is (currently) 18 tiles, each with a silhouette of a crane on it in a different position. Some of the tiles might be too similar-looking (expect to see a picture of the set soon, but not yet, since I'm still trying to make it all work), but they include cranes in many positions (right now, there are also herons, storks, and egrets in the mix, thus the title of this post) and a meaning with many of them.

Some of the tiles include the following:
  • Warning - Bravery, danger
  • Soaring - Ease, new heights, rising above
  • Landing - Endings, home, and stillness
  • The Siege - Community, togetherness
  • The Waters - Chaos, potential, subconscious
  • The Land - Grounding, safety/vulnerability
  • Taking off- New beginnings, direction, sureness
  • Descent - Slowing, winding down (temporary)
  • Ascent - Accelerating, preparing (temporary)
  • Crane Dance - (my favorite!) Joy, love, and bliss
The plan is to have them all on wood and (of course) available for sale in the near future.

Creating the rather intricate balance of natural forces that is required for any good divination set is the most difficult part, though I'm tempted to use the "Magic 8 Ball formula;" that is, 1/2 positive, 1/4 indeterminate, 1/4 negative. It seems to bear itself out in other forms of divination pretty readily, though not perfectly.

Part of the fun was designing the tiles. I expect that they'll get a bit nicer as time goes on, but the first set will just be silhouettes, because that's my skill set right now. I don't know if we'll use them in ritual (I might need a volunteer or two to test them out and see how they go), or if they'll just be something fun, but so far, I'm enjoying them quite a bit.
Tags: divination, magical druid, order of the crane, rituals, three cranes grove

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