Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Crane Divination is a go!

Crane Diviation SetLast night, seamus_mcnasty and I spent the evening finally succeeding to create things with our new toy. A partial result is the divination set you see at right, which we used tonight as part of our Grove Members-only ritual. I posted about it a couple of weeks ago: it's the Crane Divination set I mentioned, now fully formed in wood.

The medium chosen for this first run was birch plywood, so not ideal for a divination set, but great for a first run (where things can, and did, go wrong). We're going to need to do some additional work, but I think we'll have them up on the site for sale next week or the week after, so folks can try and test them out. I think we may do them in cedar to start with, since we seem to have figured out a good burn rate for that wood. . . unless we can't get the birch plywood to do what we need it to do.

We also started doing a few more things (you can catch some of those things over at The Magical Druid's Facebook page), including a world tree and some pendants that ADF folks will recognize. We're starting to think about doing some "on demand" work and other custom work for people who want something special.

Ah, back to the workshop tomorrow!

Come find us at Trillium to see all the really cool new things we have: it's the first stop on the festival wheel!
Tags: divination, magical druid
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