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Celtic dowsing? Sure, we can do that!

I don't do a lot with pendulums, but as we've been building stock at The Magical Druid, I realized that something useful might be a Druidic Pendulum Board, for those who are interested in adding dowsing to their druidry.

I started with an Awen at the center, and put the "common" answers folks will find on dowsing and divination boards ("Yes," "No," "Unknown") at various points. Thinking about it "Druidic-like," I started wondering what other things might be useful.

I thought a tripartite division was obvious, but I felt that "Priest/Warrior/Producer" was not the best way to go for this one. Instead, I went with "Spiritual/Physical/Emotional" as the division, giving an indication of what realm the answer to your question might lie in.

Then, I wondered if there was additional value in adding in virtues that corresponded, and it seemed like there was value there. So I added the Nine ADF Virtues in to see how they might fit together. It turns out, they fit together rather well on this thing.

I added a broad knotwork border and put some decoration with four Celtic animals outside: Salmon, Boar, Hart, and (of course) Crane. I am not yet sure if those spaces on the board need some "use" or not. They may be too far outside the central circle to provide dowsing help.

Now, I'm excited to try and burn it and see how it works!

Celtic Pendulum Board
Concept Piece

I was also thinking about adding an ogham alphabet and planchette and making it a ouiji board, which might make those animals less decorative and more useful. . . Could be fun!
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