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Books, Vending, and ADF's Upcoming Election

Recently, I began reading Fifty Shades of Grey. There is a reason for this, and it's got little enough to do with the content. Specifically, I rose to the challenge that skylark913 offered, when she said, if I would review it, she'd print the review for me. And of course, I said, "Get me the book, and you'll get a review." She has gotten me the book. So, here we are, on Chapter 6.

Thus far, I have learned:
  • Women are empty, vapid vessels that need to be defined by their relationships with men.
  • Women need men to awaken their sexual desires, as they are not capable of being sexual beings until men enter the picture.
  • A fifth-grade reading level can land you at the #1 spot on the NYT Bestseller list.
It's amazing drivel, really. Most young adult books are more readable and better put together than this supposedly "adult" book. And by the way: through Chapter 5, no sex at all. Nothing hot or steamy, even. How did this ever get a reputation for being "housewife porn?" Perhaps it is not mean to be read linearly?

But, what I really want to do is finish this damn book so I can move onto something I really want to sink my teeth into: garan_du's Bull of Heaven. It was embarrassing (though amusing) to see him last weekend and explain that I had to get through 50 Shades first because of that very inconvenient promise.

The last two weeks have been a bit hectic, with two festivals where The Magical Druid had a vending presence. This weekend brings the ADF Clergy Retreat, and then the Universal Light Expo.

I'm really looking forward to the Universal Light Expo: we're sharing booth space with Psyche (of Fly-By-Night Bookstore), and we're hoping that the weekend does well for us. We obviously think that we have some unique product that no one else carries (because, you know, we make it ourselves and all). . . of course, that means that we need to create product because we keep selling it, and we're now in a frantic rush to get stuff made (it's fun, really, and a great problem to have).

We're in booth 506 in the North (main) hall, and there's a coupon available for a dollar off admission. I'd love it if a few folks came by to say hello!

I have been chatting with some folks about next year's ADF elections. I'm interested to see how they go. It's time to start thinking about them and who the right people are for the jobs that are coming up. I'm excited for some change to current patterns. I'd love to see some new faces tackling leadership roles again.
Tags: adf, amusement, books, friends, magical druid, ule, voting

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