Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Goodbye, friend Raven

Nearly eight years ago, I sat in romandruid's living room across from a guy who had done a silly thing: he'd read the ADF Preceptor's quarterly report and decided to volunteer for a job in ADF! I'll be honest, I thought that those reports that romandruid had been writing were going out into the ether and just being ignored by everyone. How fortunately wrong I was!

The man in across from me was Raven Mann, an affable guy I'd never met before but who clearly had a passion for mentorship and building bridges for others. It was Raven who first helped us put together a mentorship program for ADF Dedicants, and Raven who worked hard on the first edition of the DP Rubrics at a time when we were still trying to transition to the current edition of DP requirements. He also created the first draft of the DP Mentor Handbook that many of us have used over the years.

Just a year after that first meeting, I was working for Raven as his Deputy Preceptor. Now, he may never have bought me a silver star and a six-shooter, but it was good to work with him and for him during his term. He took over in a time many ADF members are not even aware existed: when we had no way to track students or completions electronically, meaning that he got a spreadsheet of completions and away he went!

He reviewed my first version of the Nine Virtues coursepack, and was encouraging about making more (though neither of us would get around to it, perhaps I will now). Shortly thereafter, he became the first person to review one of my clergy courses, and the first to return one of my courses for forgetting to cite my works. A few years later, he rejected a photo of all of the books I'd used on GSP 1 as a "Works Cited" page.

click for bigger
My very first CTP "Works Cited"
Honestly, I'm glad he rejected it

I remember his first trip to the Mound during our clergy work, and his oath that he would complete the CTP 1 work that resulted. I remember his ordination (called a "consecration" back then) at Summerland, and feeling very pleased for him and for Carrion.

I wasn't able to stop by to see him in October after the clergy retreat, though I wish I had been.

So it is with heavy heart, but yet still with pleasure of such good conversations and times, that I remember my friend, Raven Mann, today, the day of his passing.

May the road be lit by the torches of your forebearers,
May the light reveal their loving faces,
May you be greeted by those who have gone before,
And may your allies guide you when the road is uncertain.
Tags: adf, clergy, ctp, dp, friends, gsp, mentoring

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