Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A good weekend at ConVocation, looking forward to PFS and publishing this week!

I had a great weekend at ConVocation. I got to spend some time with people I really like (really-realy), sell a lot of things (we very nearly sold out of everything we brought), talked to a couple of people about their student groups (and chat about my own experiences with our student group, OSU's PSA), and got some custom orders to boot (which means I get to be creative)!

And, of course, we gave Cedarsong Grove a custom-made paddle. If you're going to show off your custom designing skills to someone, you might as well do it well and make their lives easier. Now they can just stamp people they want to poach from another Grove, rather than having to hold them still long enough to write legibly.

I've been wanting to head up to ConVocation for a while now (several years), but never really had the ability to do it. It's bad timing-wise for my regular job, plus it's expensive, but with a secondary job that can pay my way in, that's no longer insurmoutable. We've signed up to be vendors again next year.

I ended up making runes and ogham on both Saturday and Sunday before we opened our vendor space for the day, since there was plenty of demand for hand-made rune sets there (a few people had never seen a hand-made set, I was surprised to find out). I was also surprised to find that there are people who really like the mass-produced, made-in-Indonesia stone rune sets that we've never really carried. We might do some in-house ones as a result. I really never thought that anyone liked them, but just used them because there wasn't a good alternative.

Now, over the next few days, I'm back to making premium rune sets. We sold through every high-quality set we had, so it's back to the shop for me.

This weekend is our Grove's Pagan Fire Seminar. This year's is on magical practice, and I'm excited to see what comes of it. It'll be nice to have iancorrigan down to teach, too, and to see what our Grove comes up with.

We're also just about ready to release a new book from _crow365__, which I'm quite excited about. I want to try to get it out the door before March 1!
Tags: adf, books, festivals, friends, pagan fire seminars, psa

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