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What the hell was wrong this morning?

I woke up late this morning, about 7:00 AM with Magellan digging under the covers saying, "Daddy, it's breakfast time!" Alexander was talking up a storm, certainly also discussing the state of his tummy.

Well, I decided I didn't want to roll out today. I checked the clock, looked at the kids, and turned over. I flipped the radio on and just kind of drifted. Well, I drifted as much as a person can when there's one boy pawing at you and another whose stomach is telling him to yell.

I eventually sat up and turned on a light. Magellan had some gunk in his eye, so I cleaned that out. By now it was 7:10. I fed the boys quickly (much to their enjoyment) and went to shower.

I took my time getting clean, because my shower is one thing I don't allow to be rushed. The hot water is always soothing and warming, and it forms a barrier against the world. I was listening to some Watershed on the radio, one of my favourite songs (Can't Be Myself), and just zoning out.

I shut off the water when the DJ's started talking, and dried off. I hung up my towel and went to the utility room, pulling on some clothes that had finished drying at some point last night.

It was about 7:30 AM at this point. I went upstairs and scooped litter boxes. I turned off the radio in my room Tina poked her head into my room just as I started my morning ritual, and talked to me all the way through it, forcing me to work a more abbreviated version than I like to and reinforcing my idea that I really need a space that she won't come to in the mornings and at night.

I was in the car at 7:35. From there, it was like some bad video game.

On my way, I got stuck beind busses; had a woman with a baby carriage run out in front of me; had 9 or 10 people randomly drift into my lane and then back out; and then, as the coup d'etat, I had to navigate through this weird, shifting group of forklifts and large machinery that was driving back and forth across the street for no apparent reason. It was absolutely surreal.

I pulled into the garage at 7:58. Somehow, I managed to still be in my office by 8 AM.
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