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Prayers for things, and the graphics that make them sharable

Given everything going on over the last few weeks (key item: both Maggie and I had computer crashes at the same time in early April, so we had no reliably working machines in the house), I've been lacking in some of my online social stuff recently. I did, however, have some time at the shop to write a few prayers and put together some little easy-to-share graphics that worked nicely to give us a social media boost. It's something that doesn't take long and (even with everything going on) was pretty simple to turn out, and it had a big impact. I might do more of these because it's a good way to express my more prayerful side in a very simple, yet very meaningful way: something I don't get the opportunity to do these days very well because avenues for it simply aren't available for it.

The Magical Druid has been a great avenue for it, though, as I can pretty well post whatever I want there, without the stifling problems of "committee" and "message" requirements. Plus, people actually seem to appreciate my work there :)

I wanted to run through the ones I've created in the last couple of weeks, though: collect them all in one place and sort of describe what I've been doing with them, in case others want to do these (or want to ask me to do them for them/their Grove, which I'd totally do for free at this point).

Some of this grows out of the Boston Marathon, where there weren't any great prayers that got relased in an easy-to-share fashion. There were some Facebook status updates, there was my post here on LJ, and there were a couple of other folks who posted things here and there, but there wasn't any good social media piece that fit in.

Earth Day Blessing

I did the first on a whim, starting it right after Boston, and finishing it the day I put it up. It was Earth Day, which is a Pretty Big Deal for us Pagans, really. I wanted something that was generic enough that anyone could use it, or enjoy it. Moreover, I wanted something that was recognizably Pagan, but also pretty universal in sentiment. I came up with this:

I realized after I posted it that I was probably missing a semicolon at the end of the 5th line, but no one else seemed to notice the slightly run-on nature of the line. I wasn't real happy with the color on this. It's standard Magical Druid colors, but they didn't come out too well (too much green, causing things to blend, and the title is a bit too light).

Still, the prayer came out really nice. You might see the slightly Vedic tone that hits in the second stanza ("The Sun, born of the Waters. . ." and, "You cradle the trees as they stand upright. . ."), but that's sort of par for the course with me, and it sounds really nice, I think.

This one took off like a shot, too: Umbralight Metaphysics shared it on their Facebook page, and I saw the "shared" counter just skyrocket. It was amazing to me when that happened, as I didn't do it for exposure, but there I was, gettin' exposed all over the internet.

Arbor Day Prayer

Right on the heals of Earth Day comes Arbor Day, in this case less than a week. I was still sort of high on the exposure I'd gotten from the Earth Day blessing, so I wanted to try again. With another holiday we should all be celebrating right at the end of the week, it was too good to pass up.

I'd learned a lot from the last graphic: Too much green and things get lost, but the blue works pretty well for a background. So this used the same color scheme as the Earth Day one, but I toned it down a bit to make it match more closely the header on our webpage. The tree in the background was an obvious touch, and the transparency gives it a bit more depth, I think.

I loved this prayer because of the really simple language. It's not a complicated prayer, it's just fun and sort of easy to read. It's still really important (I think), but it's just. . . simple.

This one didn't go as far, sharing-wise, but I think it got to the people who it resonated with.

National Honesty Day

This holiday just sort of sneaked up on me: it was one I'd never heard of before April 29, so I sort of scrambled to put it together. Once I knew where I was going, though, this one flowed pretty easily.

This was a really nice one to write: I already had the design for our Tyr prayer card (in the background). Even though we hadn't printed up any Tyr prayer cards, you can see they're pretty well ready to go now: we just need the capital to start printing them. I used a different background for this one (not the standard TMD colors) because I thought I should branch out in scheme.

I have been watching a lot of really, really nasty name-calling and hate-mongering going on recently, too, which has rather annoyed me, and this prayer was one that spoke deeply to me as a result. It was good for me to write and allowed me to focus on my own actions, not to worry about the actions of others: every one of us controls our own fate and walks our own truth. There's also a nod to my business partner, Seamus, whose favorite line in the lore is "Tyr did not laugh."

Beltaine Song

This was originally going to be a prayer. Then it started rhyming, and a tune got stuck in my head, and finally, I gave in and re-titled it as a song:

This is the first of the prayers I signed my name to, mostly because it was sort of fun to write and I worried that someone might ask me who wrote it since it was a song and not a prayer. I also realized that if I was writing these things, I probably ought to share my name as an author, as well.

The background on this one is from our "High Day Prayer Card Set," which we haven't finished yet (truth-be-told, this is the first and only card done for that set). I really enjoyed coloring it, even if it did take me for-freakin'-ever to do.

Oh, and the tune this song has in my head? A variation on "What do ya do with a drunken sailor." You're welcome.

Not a Prayer: Another Pagan Holiday

This was a fun one. I had put up the Beltaine picture on May 1, and realized that I'd forgotten half the earth who are having Samhain right about now. Then our Senior Druid posted something trying to capture "all the spellings" in one post for Beltaine. This got me thinking:

Having never actually danced around a fire naked, I still think it's a rather appropriate question. I enjoyed the other options that I saw pop up when people shared this around

National Day of Prayer

Last year, I had a discussion with a Grove member of mine about the Ohio observance of the National Day of Prayer, which was really more like the "National Day of If-You-Don't-Believe-What-We-Do-You're-Headed-To-Hell" down on the Statehouse lawn. This Grove member had gone hoping for an uplifting and beautiful service and was instead met with vitriol and intolerance, plus an altar call. It was such a hurtful day that we talked about things we might do.

Well, needless to say, I wasn't invited this year, but I figured, "Hey, we can do something anyway. We don't need a big Statehouse prayer." So, I sat down and wrote this prayer, which I admit I like very much.

With this one, I returned to a very simple format: a gradient background and simple colors. I overlaid it with a transparent white space, though, to make the text pop a bit more. I also stuck my name on this one and will probably continue to do that.

This one conjured an interesting (and not incorrect) criticism: apparently, the same day was "Pagan Coming Out Day," something I had never heard of before. . . nor would I be likely to have heard of it, honestly, as I just don't follow the Pagan blogosphere that well, plus it really gets lost in all the Beltaine postings that happen near May 1 on the sites I do frequent. Additionally, I thought it deserved more than a simple graphic prayer, so I was working on a deeper article here on LJ about it, and didn't think that a little graphic would be needed or even wanted.

So, the future of these things:

All this brings to mind the issues of creating stuff like this: how do you cover the truly important things without covering everything? After all, as an extreme example, May 9 is "Lost Sock Memorial Day:" should I put a prayer out for that? (Of course, you guys know me. I'm already working on one.) Have I created an expectation that I'll cover every item (or at least every Pagan-related item) in just two weeks of doing it? I don't know.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to have some fun trying.

As part of our ongoing effort to keep The Magical Druid and the Grove separate, too, I started wondering if I should be doing this twice: once for TMD and once for 3CG. I don't think I'd mind: it's just a watermark change at its easiest, and a second prayer at it's most difficult. I experimented last night by creating a graphic for our Beltaine omen. . . and maybe that's what I need to do for the Grove:

I dunno. What do you think?
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