Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A really amazing thing about the ADF Dedicant Path

One of the really awesome things about the Dedicant Path stuff, especially the sort of structured journaling that people are doing with it these days, is that people are giving deep thought to some of their practices (or, more specifically, their lack of practice in certain areas) and developing new ideas based on those thoughts.

One of the big things that interests me is how people create connections and develop traditions around the various Spirits out there. It's interesting to see people who want connections to the various Spirits reflect on how they've honored those connections in the past: how they've remembered their Ancestors, experienced the Spirits of Nature, or been in touch with the Deities in their lives. . . and then to see them deepen and develop those things.

I admit, I particularly enjoy reading things like this (paraphrased broadly among several Dedicants I've read):

  • "My family doesn't do much to remember our ancestors. I want to change that tradition."
  • "It is amazing how just one outdoor meditation can connect you to a place and its spirits. I'm going to set up a donation to my local park."
  • "I can't believe I never noticed [insert god or goddess here] in my life before! Holy heck, I feel like I just turned up the volume on my TV and discovered there was sound to go with the moving pictures!"

Okay, that last one is more direct. Hope you'll forgive me, K. :)

But, as it has always been, it's the members of ADF and their work through the Dedicant Path that really inspires me. I love that folk journal, and that they provide those journals to others on the path. I like being on this journey together with them, not so much teaching them how to do it, but learning from them as they learn from what we did when we did it.

Really, it's just awesome.

So thank you, Dedicants of ADF, for being who you are. You're great at this stuff, and don't let anyone else tell ya different.
Tags: adf, ancestors, dedicant path, deities, friends, nature spirits, quotes

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